Simulation of a guided tour of Bologna

Below is a suggestion of how you can organize a day in Bologna.
  • Meeting point

    We meet in an agreed place and get to know each other

  • The tour begins. Neptune and Piazza Maggiore (90 minutes)

    Ready to go! Let’s set out to discover this fascinating city characterized by towers, arcades and squares.

    The Fountain of Neptune is one of the symbols of Bologna and from there we will take just a few steps in order to admire the main square, Piazza Maggiore. This square is characterized by buildings of different styles, but which harmonize so well with each other. From there, we’ll move on to the Basilica of St. Petronio, the patron saint of the city. Not for nothing are the Bolognesealso called …Petroniani!

  • Short break: coffee and refreshments (30 minutes)

    After so much beauty, we need a short break to sip a good coffee in the peaceful surroundings of one of the most beautiful squares in Italy (and to allow you to have a bathroom break).

  • The tour continues. Archiginnasio, Lamentation of Nicolò dell’Arca, Middle Market (60 minutes)

    It’s time to discover why Bologna is known as ‘the learned one‘. At the Archigiannasio I will tell you the story of the birth of the oldest university in the Western world. From there we’ll continue on through the bustling streets of the Middle Market, caught up among the scents of the market stalls. Here we will discover the history of some of the main Bolognese dishes – something to make your mouth water in anticipation of lunch …

    Finally, we will stop to admire one of the most expressive masterpieces of the city, the Compianto in terracotta (The Mourning in terracotta) by Niccolò dell’Arca, also known as “the scream in stone”.

  • The tour continues. Towers, arcades and Palazzo della Mercanzia (30 minutes)

    Bologna has about 40 km of arcades and about twenty towers still standing, two architectural features that make it a unique city!

    Visiting these towers, we will investigate the history and the reasons why the Bolognese built these ancient buildings. We will discover the facts, legends and anecdotes that happened in the shadow of the mysterious arcades or on top of the towering towers.

    Palazzo della Mercanziais now the seat of the Chamber of Commerce, but its history has always been linked to that of the work of craftsmen in the city.

  • Lunch break. Time for lunch. (90 minutes)

    Time for your well-deserved lunch break. A chance to rest, recharge your batteries and share food in good company. Bologna offers many alternatives, from the traditional to the most innovative cuisine and… for all budgets. You can choose a simple lunch or enjoy traditional dishes. Your choice!

  • The tour continues. Church of Santo Stefano (60 minutes)

    In one of the most scenic squares in Bologna, stands the Basilica of Santo Stefano, also known as the Basilica of the Seven Churches. It owes  its name to the series of small chapels designed to recall scenes from the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem.

    As the visiting pilgrims did in ancient times, we will look for the clues and symbols that still emerge from the shadows of these medieval buildings.

  • Time to move on. Ghetto area and Via Zamboni (60 minutes)

    We will visit the ancient Jewish ghetto, a recently renovated district. The area is of interest both for its history and for its connection with the case of the kidnapping of the little Edgardo Mortara. Its Jewish history is also clearly evident  in the names of some of the streets that criss-cross the area.

    Walking through these streets we will learn about the history of the Jewish community in Bologna. After that we’ll proceed along Via Zamboni, where we will focus on the history of the ancient noble families who lived here.

  • Short break. Snacks and refreshments (15 minutes)

    Last short break before the conclusion of the visit.

  • The final stage of our tour. (75 minutes) Art Gallery (Pinacoteca)

    Giotto, Raffaello and Perugino are just some of the names that the Pinacoteca di Bologna can boast in its collections, but not only… this is the right place to discover the beauty of Bolognese painting, from the impetuosity of Vitale da Bologna‘s paintings to the masterpieces of thecousinsCarracciand Guido Reni,  artists who have made the name of Bologna great.

    The perfect end to a day spent in the beauty of this wonderful city!

  • Final goodbyes (15 minutes)

    We say our farewells and may even plan for further guided tours.